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The scientific process at Technical College of Zakho TCZ began in 2016 under the name “Technical College for Petroleum and Mineral Sciences-Zakho” and with only two departments namely: Petroleum Geology Department and Geophysics Department. The TCZ’s staff began their scientific and educational tasks in welcoming fresher students for the 2016-2017 academic year for the Petroleum Geology Department. While the second department ‘Geophysics’ has been suspended due to the unavailability of staff. Since the first moments, the staff of the College, despite their limited material resources, have been working hard to maintain the scientific and practical process. The days and years of great achievements and the accelerated scientific development of TCZ have begun to show remarkable results, following the significant development of the college’s work and the widespread news of its activities in Kurdistan region in particular and Iraq in general. The large numbers of students applying to the college was an evidence to the TCZ success, as well as, recently large number of graduates working with oil companies operating in the Kurdistan, making the college an attractive name for students. To keep alignment with the development taking place in the city of Zakho, it was proposed that the name of the college to be changed to the Technical College of Zakho, so that it would be more comprehensive in order to build students who are distinguished and creative in their fields. This is what the labor market in the city of Zakho requires. At present, when looking at this modest place (to begin with) we find it has changed in a positive way.

The TCZ devotes great attention to raising the scientific standard of teaching staff by completing their studies and focusing on sound scientific research and publishing in world-famous journals.

The college is also seeking to find alternative sources of funding in the current circumstances in order to strengthen the scientific, educational and service process by opening up scientific cooperation and exchanging experiences with private and governmental institutions and joint sectors in order to promote reality and serve all segments of society. This has already been done through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding with international organizations and research centers.


Technical College of Zakho works to be the first choice for a wide range of preparatory education student outputs (The scientific branch only), in order to ensure that the outputs are within the quality standards that set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research- Kurdistan region of Iraq. The primary objective of all public and private sector companies is their high technical qualification in the fields of management, computer techniques and petroleum sciences.


  1. Provide technical education opportunities for a wide range of high school graduates and in accordance with the latest contemporary methods that harmonize management theories and their applications with skills to deal with the latest technologies in management, information systems techniques and the oil sciences.
  2. Reliance on the best human resources of lecturers, technicians and administrators to enable students to reach their goals and on the basis of superior quality standards.
  3. Preparation and equipping of halls and laboratories with modern equipment for use in the teaching and training of students.


  1. Increase in the proportion of college staff participating in training courses.
  2. Increase the admission rate in the college.
  3. Enhancing the qualitative weight of students; grades in final examinations to a very good rating and above based on a ECTS educational system.
  4. The creation of an appropriate educational professional environment and high ethical standards create opportunities to promote theoretical and applied education.
  5. Increase in the number of agreements with corresponding colleges.

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Technical College of Zakho