Petroleum Geologist


The department is an applied division of the Technical College of Petroleum & Mineral Science (TCPM) which is established in 2016 as a part of Duhok Polytechnic University in Zakho in addition to the Zakho Technical Institute. The department encompasses the general subject areas of petroleum geology, sedimentology, mineralogy and petrology of sedimentary rock. It focuses on the study of exploration and development techniques of petroleum and natural resources in the sedimentary. It also focuses on the study of sedimentary rocks and their depositional environments and the associated different kinds of fossils.

Mission and Vision

In Kurdistan region Petroleum, had been exported since 2007. Studies had shown that Petroleum and gas exist in Kurdistan areas.

The unexcited petroleum industry in subsurface and justifies the establishment of a specialized college in the DPU for the graduation of highly qualified students in this field. Industry will provide an excellent teaching and an innovated research in the fields of petroleum sciences, and satisfy the needs of labor market and community, and scientific developments in these fields. The vision of this Department is to be a leading center in the field of petroleum sciences and its applications. The Department will be known for excellence in education, research and outreach that focuses on the function of petroleum geology systems and interactions with society.


  1. To describe the characteristic geological, mineralogical and chemical features of ore deposits and petroleum reservoirs.
  2. To place emphasis on understanding of the various hydrocarbon and magmatic processes that contributes to the genesis of ore deposits.
  3. To provide training in calculation of ore reserves.
  4. To introduce various laboratory techniques that is used to evaluate the physiochemical conditions of ore formation and deposition.
  5. To educate students in different petroleum geology techniques.