The Digital Repository at Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) serves as an integral platform for academic and research endeavors, fostering innovation and knowledge dissemination. Within its ecosystem, the DPU Theses Hub houses a rich collection of scholarly works, showcasing the intellectual rigor and diverse research pursuits of the university's students and faculty. Complementing this, the Dataset Hub provides a repository for raw data, facilitating transparent and replicable research across various disciplines. Moreover, the repository hosts a repository of Brochures offering insights into the university's programs, achievements, and initiatives, fostering transparency and engagement with stakeholders. Embracing modern pedagogical methods, the Video Learning Hub offers a dynamic array of educational resources, enriching the learning experience for students and educators alike. Additionally, the repository serves as a central archive for Files & Forms, streamlining administrative processes and ensuring efficient access to essential documents. Continuously evolving, the Digital Repository at DPU stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to advancing scholarship, fostering collaboration, and embracing technological innovation for the betterment of education and research in the future.