Computer Information Systems


Technology is heavily integrated into our world. The goal of Computer Information Systems department is to produce graduates that have technical skills to meet the growing demands of the technological world. Graduates will gain a strong technical knowledge in the core areas of information systems, with an emphasis in programming, database, systems analysis, project management, IT foundations and security. Our graduates can pursue a variety of career paths in rapidly growing industries, such as application developer, database administration, web developer, business systems analysis, information technology specialist, and systems administration .


Our vision in CIS department is to produce graduates that have the technical skills to design computerized information system solutions to fulfill organizational needs and to meet the industry and educational needs.


Students will learn to

  • Design, develop, and (describe the implementation of) a computerized information system solution to fulfill organizational needs using structured systems analysis and design methods.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in programming by designing applications that are functional, easy to use, and efficient.
  • Solve business information problems by creating an effective database and application.
  • Analyze and design the business information needs of an organization or a business unit in the organization.
  • Analyze various aspects of information technology infrastructure design, including organization, security, and risks.
  • Apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies to effectively integrate IT-based solutions into the business environment.
  • Apply project management skills to ensure successful completion of projects.