RESCUE Project


The partner countries involved in this proposal, namely Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq (but also some of the Programme Countries involved, such as Turkey and Germany), are experiencing a very critical situation due to the high number of refugees present on their territory. Most of these are Syrian citizens and include a high percentage of former university students who had to interrupt their academic curriculum.

The main specific objective of RESCUE is to help the Partner Country Universities in structuring an effective response to this problem by creating ad hoc units (the Refugee Student Operational Support Unit – R-SOS), whose mission is to structure specific services supporting refugee students in resuming their academic training path. The analysis carried out by the target Universities has shown that each one of them has different approaches and constraints vis-à-vis this problem; therefore, ad hoc solutions must be implemented in each one of them.

Once the R-SOS units are operational, the services they deliver will help refugee students in resuming their academic training path. In some cases, this may involve accessing standard curricula on the same basis as all other students, while in other cases, it may involve following ad hoc training courses providing them with basic skills and competencies useful for employment purposes.

Therefore, it is expected that the setting up of the R-SOS units will help improve the situation of refugee students, either by supporting them in getting a job in the hosting countries or in preparing them for returning to their origin country once the crisis is over.

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