College Vision

The Technical College of Engineering aims to offer a unique environment for learning, teaching, and scientific research to tackle major issues related to Buildings, bridges, innovative technologies, sustainability, energy, and the environment. In brief, we try to develop diverse, technical leaders to challenge the present and create the future.

College Mission

  1. Graduating engineers who are very ethical and professional.
  2. Encouraging the spirit of acquiring knowledge in students to meet the needs of society.
  3. Graduating students' integrated leadership personalities are developed by teaching them professional conduct, teamwork, quality commitment, problem-solving techniques, and leadership skills.
  4. Establishing a work environment on university campuses that respects high professional standards, allows freedom of expression and tolerance for differing viewpoints, and is open to information sharing among students, faculty, and other affiliates.

Our Values

  1. Technological Advancement.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Excellence.
  4. Student Success and Completion.
  5. Collaboration.
  6. Diversity.
  7. Life-Long Learning.

Academic Staff

Technical College of Engineering