‏A preparatory meeting for the examination committee at institute

2019-12-13 01:03:37

Today, a special meeting was held in the board of institute to the final examinations of the first course, chaired by Mr. (Heval Tariq), Assistant Dean and Chairman of the Examination Committee at Institute, in the presence of the majority heads of scientific departments, Assistant heads of departments and the rest of the examination committee members. ‏A schedule of examination has been done, students have been distributed to the halls, and the work tasks have been divided between teaching staff and employees in order to make this important process in successfully . ‏After that, it was confirmed that students are obligated to wear their own students ID and examination dates, keep students away from cheating, with interested in to keep them quiet in the exam halls. practical examination was adopted in a purely practical manner, and to secure laboratories, workshops, equipment, and materials for the practical exams. Moreover, the final examinations of the first course of the morning and evening study and the hours are also determined to be held on 2/1/2020 until 17/1/2020

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