Seminar For Students In The Evening Study

2019-11-22 12:51:36

Today, Dr. (Dhia Mustafa), Dean of DuhokTechnical Institute, held a seminar for students in the evening study. In the presence of Mr. (Heval .Tariq )Assistant Dean and a number of teaching staff in the institute ,then the Kurdistan Students Union was received the first stage students with flowers and candies after that The Dean welcomed to new students and congratulated them on their acceptance to the first stage in this institute and so he described the scientific departments of Institute as the backbone of the process of development in the country. Therefore, students should take advantage of this opportunity and feel more responsible, especially after entering university and so clarify a number of rules and customs that the Institute is running according to the Law of Higher Education and scientific research in Kurdistan and at the end of seminar the instructions of the examination committee and the student disciplinary committee were clarified by the assistant dean Mr (Heval Tariq) and he stressed on the instructions and commitment it in the institute so that the students should stay away from undesirable consequences.

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