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Conducting scientific research is considered one of the most important duties each faculty member should meets, this is directly reflected in a ratio of publication to staff number that consequently has a great impact on the university ranking. Without research we wouldn’t enjoy having internet, cell phones, electricity, cars, light bulbs, telemedicine, robots, aircrafts and so many other crucial inventions that changed our living style. In addition, much more inventions and innovated ideas are yet to come in the near future in different fields of science, technology, arts etc. For example, based on my research area in network engineering, a revolution in wireless communication, IoTs and AI algorithms is ongoing already. Research is not limited to merely academic institutions; biggest industry organisations also conduct research either to find solutions for their current industry problems or to come up with better futuristic solutions.


Research has a major effect on the university ranking and reputation, moreover, research leads to finding solutions for critical issues that can improve our lives in so many aspects; medicine, engineering, pure science, arts, agriculture, veterinary etc. This significant role the scientific research has on developing our country led to coming up with an idea of establishing a deanship of research at our university. DPU’s research centre has been established in 2017 to act as a point of contact between Duhok Polytechnic University and governmental and non-governmental organizations that reach DPU for collaboration, consultancy, or funding projects.

DPU’s scientific research centre has started establishing research centers in the colleges\institutes as well as research groups to motive interdisciplinary research activities, in addition, to support governmental and non-governmental organizations with academic consultancy, training, implementation of projects services. DPU’s colleges’ research centers and research groups work under the umbrella of the DPU’s research centre. DPU’s research centre is aware of all the research activities of the university so that it can direct a particular project fund to its suitable intended research group or college’s research center. It is essential to obtain a centralized knowledge of all the research activities of the university into one entity in order to be able to conduct the required co-ordination among research groups and activate interdisciplinary research activities.


We came up with many regulations that encourage our DPU researchers to submit their research papers in prestigious journals and high reputation international scientific conference. Even with our PhD students, we provide them with all the needed facilities to publish quality publications. Our target is to get all of our staff contribute into the process of publishing high quality papers, open modern labs that can help our researchers as well as our PhD students.


Dr. Shavan Askar

Dean of DPU Scientific Research Center

Email: [email protected]

61Zakho Road, 1006 Mazi Qr., P.O.Box101, Duhok, Kurdistan         



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