Amedi Technical Institute Organizes a Football Tournament

2019-05-27 05:54:18

In the framework of sports events held by the Deanship of the Technical Institute in. In cooperation with the Directorate of Sports Activity in Amedi, the Technical Institute in organized a football tournament that started at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for a group of 25 teams from the popular teams within the Municipality of of Amedi.

After the competition between the participating teams, the team (Sargali) as well as the team of the second special brigade reached the finals of the championship, with the victory of the second division team of a goal against the rival of the team (Sargali). At the end of the tournament, gifts were distributed by (Dr. Hakar Zaki) to the winning team in the presence of a number of officials and members of Parliament of Kurdistan.

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