Division of Study Programs

Division of Study Programs- DSP:

The Study Programs Division is a main pillar within the Directorate of QA together with the Teaching Quality Assurance- TQA Division. It provides development support to the curricula of the university as a whole and designs the layouts for Program Specification and Course Specification of the curricula as well. The Study Programs is systematic process to organize what will be taught, who will be taught, and the way it will be taught. Each component of the curricula affects and interacts with other components, i.e. what will be taught is affected by who is being taught. So it plans, design and facilitate the curricula outlines with the head of the departments and curricula specialists.

The head of the division of the Study Programs is responsible for the development, editing, quality and production of the curricula, as well as management of the Curriculum requirements. The main duties that are the following:

-          Connect with the Directorate of Quality Assurance through the Division of curriculum programs of the university presidency.

-          Communicate and collaborate with scientific departments.

-          Prepare instructional material for printing and develop outlines with the necessary basic detail to direct instruction.

-          Develop and maintain research database that may be utilized to develop and review curriculum.

-          Follow up the implementation of the curriculum for the scientific sections of the theoretical, practical and applied materials.

-          Develop curricular goals and outlines for new curriculum and curriculum updates.

-          Identify and lead a team of teachers who will assist in Study Programs.

-          Participate in the development and evaluation of new curriculum and consult with committee members of the DCD in the design and development of new curriculum.

-          Coordinate, review and assess the current curriculum to ensure that course/program is meeting with the intended objectives and requirements.

-          Use evaluations and data to make recommendations for how to improve and edit curricula on an annual basis.

-          Follow up the scientific specialization of professors, lecturers and visitors in cooperation with the Directorate of the Scientific Affairs.

-          Raise the proposals of the scientific committees of the departments on any change or development in the curriculum or in the vocabulary of a subject to the Directorate of Quality Assurance Department of the programs of the presidency of the university for discussion in the sectoral committee for approval.

Submit periodic reports to the Directorate of Quality Assurance Department of the programs of the university presidency on the negative implementation of the programs and proposed problems and solutions.

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