Teacher Portfolio

  Teacher’s Portfolio- TP:

     The Teacher’s Portfolio is best known as a summary of or a documented statement of an academic staff. It usually includes a CV sample, responsibilities, rights, activities, objectives and accomplishments of the teacher through the academic year. It can be used as showcase which provides an opportunity to a wide range of teaching and leadership skills depending upon the needs and interests of the teacher and according to their specialization.A good teaching portfolio often contains pictures, lesson plans, and letters of reference, research writing, and publications. There are so many different types of things that can be used as examples of a teacher's excellence.

      The items and examples that may include could be a sample of student work, a certificate of achievement, or a thank you note. The teacher portfolio may include a huge variety of items that show off the best accomplishments of an individual teacher. It is difficult to gather them all under one single category, because they are all so very different. It considered as an essential part of the academic staff achievements and scoring. To facilitate the scoring process, the special for of portfolio filled be each academic staff including the necessary documents, scripts, records, and papers and presented to the committee of evaluation. The specific committee of TP is heading by the dean of the college or institution, head of the department, and the QA coordinator. The committee reviews, checks the TP and finally answers the special form of evaluation and then score it.

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