Institute Board Meeting

Today, in the meeting hall of Dohuk Technical Institute, a regular meeting was held at Institute Board room and chaired by Mr. (Heval Tariq), Assistant Dean, this meeting was attended by all heads of...

2020-02-17 11:37:14
An extended scientific workshop

Today held workshop in Azadi Hall at Duhok Technical Institute, in the presence of Professor (Dr. Adnan Mohsen Abdulazeez), President of polytechnic University of Duhok, deans of both colleges are...

2020-02-16 09:39:07
Seminar about (Virus Corona)

today held a seminar in Azadi Hall in Duhok Technical Institute Presented by (Dr. Sagvan . H. Ali) Director of Communicable Diseases Directorate in Directorate General of Health in the Duhok about...

2020-02-09 11:48:20

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