Building the Study Halls Continues in Duhok

  The Directorate of Engineering and Projects at the DPU continues on building the Study Halls at the DPU institute. In addition,  this project is being supervised by (Eng. Lawand Kamal) -...

2020-01-12 12:40:41
Job Opportunity for the DPU Students

  Korak Telecom Company in coordination with the DPU Career Development Center provides a job opportunity for the DPU students. This opportunity is called (The Embassador) between the DPU and...

2020-01-12 02:00:14

An Overview to DPU

The Duhok Polytechnic University (informally DPU) is a collegiate research university located in Kurdistan Region-Iraq. Kurdistan Region is rapidly evolving and has witnessed a continual shift in educational needs for its society. Both higher education enrollments and the number of institutions have expanded dramatically during the last decade.

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Duhok Polytechnic University, established in 2012, is one of three polytechnic universities in Kurdistan under the auspices of the (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. DPU was originally descended from the oldest institute in Duhok Governorate in 1988, with 19558 graduates since then.


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