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Is one of the technical institutes of the University of Duhok technology associated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Akrdstan.ouhat was created by the Regional Government Kordstan.iqa Technical Institute Chenkal in the district Chenkal Sabquaomrkz spend is located in the western province of Nineveh, northern Iraq on Mount Sinjar, away from the city of Mosul, 80 km 2, inhabited by a majority of the Yazidis, a minority of Turkmen and Arabs, a population of more than 84 thousand people, according to census (2014, where the events of a tragic region by gangs saw Daesh criminal began institute but displaced to Dohuk governorate year (2014) and the current location of the Institute in the district Sheikhan ( 55 km southeast of the city of d Hawk) was established in the year (2012-2013) to be a vital center reflects the scientific, academic and cultural aspects of the region in particular and the Kurdistan Region in general. Where he received since the beginning of its establishment until the present day students from different regions of the province and from different nationalities, and this is what gives the Institute of the pluralistic nature Almmisoghdv Institute to prepare an angel technical scientific state institutions and the private sector qualified graduates to work in those institutions supply the according to the special experience in the field Amlh.astqubl Institute junior high school graduates to study the period of two calendar years, the proportion of education and practical training which will be about (  60\\\\\\%/50), in addition to the summer training in various government departments and the private sector, and this training is a complete study requirements , And then granted the Reg Technical Diploma Certificate and by disciplines in the scientific divisions and can work in all government departments and institutions and the private sector. They are entitled to early graduates complete their studies in colleges and universities in the region in the corresponding terms of reference for the Drasthm.weidm Institute of two types: Department of Nursing and the Department of Mahasphma science laboratories and the process to teach students numbering about 100 students and Talibh.kma includes many of the scientific and administrative units, and the center of the Internet, and unit Sports for students to participate in various sports tournaments and tournaments as well as to include boarding for students. The lead teaching tasks at the Institute of elite faculty of higher education and scientific titles in addition to various research tasks undertaken by them in the framework of the annual scientific plan of the Institute included scientific and applied research in their respective field of competence.


1- To have a strong and positive impact in the fields of applied technical science in the Kurdistan Region, through the rehabilitation of staff and technical training and development to benefit from their experience in all areas of society.
2- Contributing to the establishment of a scientific and technical building in the various specialties of the Institute, medical, agricultural, administrative and other disciplines at the level of higher education throughout the country.


1- Making the Institute as a scientific and cultural interface to the region through the follow-up of human resources in the Institute in order to develop the capabilities of these human resources and their employability.
2- Preparation of qualified cadres scientifically and practically in the administrative and scientific field in accordance with the latest scientific and technological developments taking place in the world.
3- To reflect the ethics of technical education through the provision of high quality technical education that seeks to promote human knowledge and skills that are compatible with the changes in the environment and society.


Preparation of technical and scientific staff to keep abreast of the developments in the various scientific specialties. The delegation of the governmental and private sectors to their needs of intermediate technical staff.
Preparing qualified cadres scientifically and practically in the administrative and scientific fields according to international academic standards.

General Information About Dean Technical Institute Shingal:

Full name: Dr. Abdulrahman Semo Hussein Shibu

Date of birth: 1950/07/01
Position: Dean
Scientific title: Assistant Professor
Year of collection:2007
University Name: University of Mosul
Specialization: Agriculture and forestry
Specialization: Soil chemistry and minerals
Mobile number: 07507622066
Email: [email protected]


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