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The Technical College was established in the city of Duhok in 2013 as one of the most important administrative faculties dealing with technical education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to keep abreast of the scientific and technological developments witnessed by the world and the modern trends of science and its applied aspects, as well as assimilation of the developments in the business environment and its administrative and organizational fields. It depends on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The graduate is awarded a Bachelor's degree in Technical Management Sciences.

The duration of the studies is four years.

The Vision

The college should be creative and a leader in the field of teaching the highly qualified text books and to be pioneer in this field in Kurdistan region.

The Mission

Preparing qualified scientific and practical staff to deal with modern technologies that are used in teaching and learning, those cadres will be able to serve the society and meet the needs of the labor market in Kurdistan region/Iraq.

The Objectives

  • Preparing qualified technical and scientific staff that are able to deal with modern technologies once graduated from college to be compatible with the technological and scientific developments of science and its applications.
  • The contribution in qualification courses and specialization to meet the requirements of the region of the necessary skills.
  • Preparing students to practice the technical professions and get adapted to them.
  • Reaching the international criteria in the field of technical education.
  • The participation in scientific researches and other different studies that contribute in achieving the economic, social development and also finding solutions for different issues and problems that are facing the social and economic progress in the region.
  • Developing the scientific research and supporting the relationships with different business organizations that are found in the region and abroad.
  • The good formation of the student’s personality and trying to integrate that personality.
  • Using IT as an instrument to set proper strategies in the field of businesses.
  • Providing the consultative services, studies, training programs and researches of different kinds.

 The Core Values

  • Considering the college teacher as a local high real fortune.
  • The student is the pivot of the educational process.
  • Considering the scientific research as a basis of development.
  • Respecting the university traditions.
  • The quality commitment.
  • Society service commitment.
  • The absolute continual state of development.
  • The honesty and transparency that should follow any scientific performance.

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