A Joint Meeting was Held on the Preparations for the Internship Program and Summer Training

2023-01-17 05:37:46

On Monday, 16 January 2023 Career Development Center and Scientific Affairs Directorate held a joint meeting regarding the internship program and summer training. The meeting was held by Career Development Canter (CDC) in cooperation with the Scientific Affairs Directorate and the presence of CDC program coordinators and Scientific Affairs Units' administrators.

In the beginning, the Centre's director presented detailed information on the internship program and then explained how the program is organized, promoted and conducted. After that, the importance and benefits of the internship program for students, university, and employers were also explained.

Then the Director of Scientific Affairs presented essential information about conducting summer training in colleges and institutes affiliated with our university for the academic year (2022-2023). Meanwhile, several important points concerning conducting summer training were explained to the attendee.

Finally, the attendees commented on the internship program and summer training and the obstacles they faced while implementing these programs. Then discussions were held on the comments, and some suggestions were made for implementing the internship program and summer training in coordination between the CDC Center and the Directorate of Scientific Affairs.

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