Time Management

2022-11-29 12:05:32

Title of the Activity: Time Management

Type of the Activity: Seminar

Conducted at: Bardarash Technical Institute

Organized by: Program coordinators, Emad Miqdad Muhamad Najeb

Presented by:  Farhad Muheddin Khalifa

Date: 28/11/2022

A Brief Description: The purpose of this seminar was to show students the importance of time. That time is invaluable. Time is precious and it is required that everyone should use it wisely. Besides, how time management can help students to plan their day, set proper goals, measure their progress, break large projects into smaller and actionable tasks, and to be realistic about the time they need to complete a task.

Targeted Audience: Thirty-seven (37) second-year students of the Nursing department participated in the Seminar.

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