Registration for participation in the EMPACT project has started

2022-11-24 09:27:35

For the first time, Duhok Polytechnic University will start implementing the EMPACT project

EMPACT will offer modern scientific courses in the fields of English language skills, computer science, and personal development skills.

To participate in this Project, there are some conditions as the following:-

1- Participants must be between ages (18 to 35).

2- Have interest and be persistent.

3. Without work.

4-  must have high school certificates.

5- Success is with the test after completing the registration process and the Success score must be greater than 50 (50 and above).

6- The selection of students will be based on test scores, and will be based on the scores to determine the level of participants (beginner - expert) in both English and computer tests.

Scores between 50 and 69 will be beginner-level, and scores of 70 and 69 will be accepted at the expert level.

It will be through the following link:

Note: The deadline for registration will be on Friday 02/ 12/2022

For more information, you can contact the following numbers from Sunday to Thursday from (09:00) am to (04:00) pm.


Registration (07502215951) - Information Technology IT (07502482071) - and Complaint (07517190095).


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