Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Department

The Department’s mission is to offer high-quality programs in chemical engineering
education, research, and experience that will prepare graduates to assume
leadership positions within chemical and other associated industries.


The vision of the Chemical Engineering Department is to prepare engineering cadres
capable of building the industrial economy through the development of chemical
industries in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Program rationale

Chemical Engineering is changing raw materials into useful products such as
clothes, food, drink, and energy. Chemical engineers focus on processes and
products – they develop ‎and design processes to create products, this is done by
either focusing on improving existing ‎processes or creating new ones. They are also
concerned‎ with managing resources and protecting the ‎environment along with
health and safety. Therefore, chemical engineering is essential to the ‎industrial
economic prosperity of the Kurdistan‎ region‎.


Head of the Department

Dr. Firas Salim Mohammed

Email:  [email protected]

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