Theses that were completed at the university

No. Name Research Name Link
1 Adel Ali Hasan E-learning Management System Based on Semantic Web Technologies of Duhok Polytechnic University PDF
2 Dawlat Mustafa Sulaiman Human Finger Vein Recognition and Identification Based Machine Learning Approaches PDF
3 Naaman Omar Yaseen Design and Implementation of a New Method for License Plate Recognition using Appearance Features PDF
4 Shakir Fattah Kak Efficient and Secure IoT Based Home System PDF
5 Shereen Saleem Sadiq Scheduling Optimization of Kalak Refinery Model Using Intelligent Algorithms PDF
6 Zryan Najat Rashid Remote Distributing Parallel Computing System over the Cloud PDF
7 Swar Abdulsalam Zubeer Energy Extraction from a Ccncentrated Photovoltaic Module with a Hybrid (AIR + WATER) Cooling Ssytem PDF
8 Zakia Sa’adon Omer The Role of Components and Determinants of Marketing PDF
9 Farsat Ali Shaban دور انشطة ادارة سلسلة التوريد الرشيقة في تبني متطلبات التميز اللوجستي PDF
10 Shahab Ahmed Khider تاثير الادارة المفتوحة في الرشاقة المنظمية من خلال الدور المعدل لصيانة الموارد البشرية PDF

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