Master's thesis discussion

2022-02-26 08:50:43
Today, Saturday, February 26, 2022, a Master’s thesis was discussed for the student (number 9) of the College of Health and Medical Techniques in Shekhan (Noor Essam Muhammad)  in the field of (Clinical Biochemistry) entitled:
(Free Vitamin D status among apparently Health adults living in Duhok Governorate)
Where the discussion started at 10 am in the Health and Medical Techniques College Shekhan by the committee in charge of this discussion, consisting of Messrs.:
1- Professor Dr. Nabil Adel Fakhry... (Head)
2- Assistant Professor Dr. Kameran Yunus Muhammad Amin...(Member)
3- Assistant Professor Dr. Azzam Abdul Sattar Younes...(Member)
3- The assistant Dr. Suad Yousef Al-Qass...(Supervisor)
The discussion was held with the student (Noor Essam Muhammad) receiving a very good grade. Congratulations to the student and her family. Congratulations to the College of Health and Medical Techniques in Shekhan. We wish her continued success and success in serving our beloved Kurdistan.

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