The Primary Results for the Parallel Students


The lastest results of the students who were admitted at Duhok Polytechnic University for the Study Year 2021-2022.

After the students were admitted by Zankoline at the DPU presidency, the Directorate of the General Registeration welcomed the Study Year according to the procedures. However, the (Parallel Study Forms) were observed systematically.

The most important notes by the Directorate of the General Registeration for Parallel Study:

1- The top three students are going to be employed directly by the Ministry of Higher Education.

2- In accordance with (2021-2022) study procedures, article 6, the '1st point' specialized to those students who were graduated from Computer Institutes of the Ministry of Education were provided with three seats. The average must be (80\\%) or above!

3- According to the Admission Procedures of (2021-2022) article 9, point '8', specialized with the graduates of Private Technical Institutes Five seats are the special for each of them to compete and the competition will only be by average.

4- One seat is only for the students in the rural areas, but again by competition.  

5 If any error is made or not knowing the correctness of the form is presented in the form, the candidate has the right to withdraw from the competition.

6- Rendering the procedures of the year 2021-2022, article 10, point no: ‘10’, it is not allowed to apply to different department.

7-The least number of the students who were admitted to each department according to the seat numbers of (2021-2022).


Note // For any observation at any time, from 15/9/2021 to 16/9/2021, visit the University of Duhok Polytechnic /General  Registeration





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