Center Units


Career Center Director

The Career Center Director is responsible for achieving the career development center's goals, monitoring the students' internship program, developing relationships to engage students, graduates and alumni as well as faculty and employers in career development.


Internship Program Unit

Internship Program Coordinator is responsible for conducts site visits to evaluate the appropriateness and relevance of internships for students. Coordinates and administers all aspects of the internship program. Works with faculties and the private sector to identify and promote internships. Counsels and advises students in career planning and career-related decisions.


Career Specialist Unit

The Career Center Specialist is responsible for working with students, graduates and alumni to improve a soft skills program for the targeted group including preparation and facilitation of workshops, seminars, training courses and site visits. 


Grants Unit

The Grant Unit is responsible for writing national and international grants to promote the career center and the ongoing projects as well as preparing and writing proposals for project endorsement and budget allocations. GU is also responsible for preparing the center's annual budget and writing the financial report. 


Program Coordinators

The program coordinator is responsible for coordinating and promoting all events with students, graduates and alumni through the career development center by holding seminars and workshops to enhance and develop students' and alumni soft skills and conducting site visits. The program coordinator is also responsible for managing the communication between the CDC and the related sides inside and outside the university.

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