1-Shekhan Technical College of Health strives to meet the needs of our Duhok community in particular and Kurdistan region in general with qualified nurses through developing nursing student's abilities in nursing practice through the application the scientific nursing process.
 2-Shekhan Technical College of Health working to generate knowledge and prepare leaders in nursing who will create, lead, and participate in holistic efforts to improve the people health within the context of their environment. These efforts will translate it through our commitment to the quality of nursing education and teaching well-prepared learners to live and work successfully as professional nurses in an ever-changing health-care environment.
3-To assure academic excellence, Shekhan Technical college of Health built curriculum on the base of the foundation of the practical art and complementing nursing science with knowledge from the biomedical and social sciences through an inter-professional educational process.


Shekhan Technical College of Health vision is to promote a multicultural, humanistic nursing program that provides excellence in nursing education through the scholarship of teaching and learning. Furthermore, preparing nursing graduates to practice within the established professional guidelines and standards and to engage in continuous role development and revision of knowledge.


1. The objectives of the Shekhan Technical College of Health are to graduate university nurses that are well trained especially in the field of the nursing services in collaboration with the facilities of the teaching hospitals and medical centers to help in the running of different units in the health sector and community. 
2. Shekhan Technical College of Health looking forward to acting as a bridge for those who graduate from the nursing institute of Duhok Polytechnic University in order to promote their diploma institute graduation to the bachelorette level in nursing



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