It is one of the most important medical departments in the community because it is a major factor in addressing many of the health problems facing the society. This section was opened in 2013, where three graduates graduated from this department. The number of graduates is (174) students.


1- The nursing department at Shankal Technical Institute is looking forward to having a positive and positive impact in the field of health services in the province of Kurdistan through excellent educational programs. These programs are prepared and ready to face ever-changing health services in the community according to international and local academic standards.
2- Establishing the best laboratories to teach students by providing the best equipment.
3- follow-up of the scientific fields of scientific progress and the development of curricula and study plans and provide specialized cadres scientific and health research.


1- Develop, provide and provide technical and vocational training programs to provide advanced health services in the fields of health and high quality to meet the needs of the community.
2- The Nursing Department is dedicated to providing students with information, skills and values to qualify them to provide high-quality nursing services from the various health care facilities available in the region and the region in general, which contribute to the preparation of nursing staff in cooperation with local and international bodies and organizations.


1- Preparing technical and scientific staff to keep abreast of the developments in the various scientific specialties. The delegation of the governmental and private sectors needs their intermediate technical staff.
2- Preparation of nursing staff qualified scientifically and practically in the field of nursing care according to international academic standards.
3- Keeping abreast of the latest scientific and technical developments in the world in nursing.
4- Training in the work of the health team and using the ethics of the high profession in all nursing practices.

The name and contact information of the head of department:

full name: Wsan Mohaamd Salh

mobile: 07503639156

email: [email protected]




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