Information Technology

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Vision :

Department works Information Technology on the education and development of students in order to be qualified to work in government departments and non-governmental organizations and the transformation of society into a society strong and effective in the field of information technology and electronic communication in order to serve and satisfy the needs the community. The development and empowerment of staff and personnel and individuals in the field of digital services in government departments and the private sector.


Mission :

Department of Information Technology directing graduation projects for students and government departments needed in the region to raise the level of efficiency and effectiveness of government services and contribute to building database systems and installation of computer networks in government departments and building systems communicate over the Internet, and strengthen the private sector and open courses for staff in the field of information technology and communications support, government directions towards a developed society and effective knowledge-based.


Goals :

Open this Department  at the beginning of establishment of the Institute on behalf of the operating systems on 2009-2010

Aim of the Department :

1-Preparation Career Level Mean between professor and student in the practical lessons in Institutes and Universities.

2-Work on services programs in schools.

3-Experience working on the computer in aspect the hardware and software.

4-Experience in the field of Internet technology.

5-Work on all the programs the computer In everyday life.


Job description for department graduates:

1- Responsible for network and computer systems

2- Web development, design and creation of websites

3- Information Systems Officer

4- Responsible for computer technical support

5- Responsible for the database

6- Information security analysts


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