Business Administration

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Vision :

Provide distinguished education and management training for students in various fields of specialization, so that the graduate student can serve all governmental organizations and the private sector.



Providing an academic and professional scientific environment at a distinguished level with the aim of graduating cadres characterized by high quality, characterized by commitment and high professionalism, and developing administrative methods through organizing continuing education courses and developing academic curricula in a manner commensurate with the needs of the labor market.


Objectives :

1- Graduating specialized administrative cadres by preparing and qualifying them in various fields of administrative sciences.

2- Developing and developing graduates and providing them with skills, scientific knowledge and administrative techniques that help them to carry out their professional and functional lives.

3- Providing students with cognitive, administrative and technical knowledge and focusing on administrative jobs.

4 - Teaching and training students in the field of computer applications in everything related to the practice of administrative work.

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