Petroleum Department / operation and control unit is established in 2009, it follows the Ministry of higher education in Kurdistan Region, The department awards a technical diploma certificate equivalent to other technical institute in the Kurdistan regional government.

The department aims to:

1-      Prepare intermediate technical staff with a technical diploma to in order to operate oil refinery units for different petroleum industry equipment.

2-      Tie the relationship between the institute and the oil industry in the region.

3-      Consolidate co-operative relations by exchanging experiences and information with various vocational and scientific establishments in and out of the Kurdistan Region, especially with foreign petroleum company to unity as possible the training " terms and program courses. 


The student:

The Petroleum Department accepts the scientific high school graduates only.

The period of the study is two academic years, 40\\\\\% for theoretical sciences and 60\\\\\% for practical work.


 The graduate job description:

The graduate is qualified to work in these units:

1-      Operating Oil Refinery Units and the attachment units.

2-      Testing to all derived oil products and adjustment by controlling on appropriate operating conditions.

3-      Controlling on appropriate operative conditions to each unit which leads to stability of the unit and also in controlling of the oil quality.


Head of the Department

M. mohanad mhsen yousef

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07504738897


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