The electrical/power department in zakho technical institute offers vibrant environment for postgraduate education and research in electrical analysis. Established in 2013, it is one of the first few departments in Kurdistan region. The department is currently study and engaged in research in many areas of electrical engineering including power systems, energy studies,  electronics & power electronics, electrical machines drives, high voltage engineering, signal processing, communication etc…

The department admits its students after 2-year of studying   a graduation certificate  of diploma degrees. 


The Vision

The vision targets of the department are to provide the leadership of staff to enable Iraq excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering.

The department is committed to advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience.


The Mission

Electrical department mission is to present the students with Up-to-date curricula   and pedagogy in electric power, electronics communication sciences and also to student’s disciplines, ensure that they have a solid foundation in the core concepts, equip them with problem solving and decision-making skills, and prepare them for lifelong learning in qualified manner with discipline.



Description of the Graduate Task


o   Is to supports and encourages local and regional technology initiatives contributing to educational and technology advances.

o   Graduate the professional cadre in electric fields either in academic or vocational one, able to leadership, design or develop in different projects.

o   Prepare and advance graduation to observe ethics of the work and support sociality responsibility and communicate with their peers in the same field or different specialist.

o   Preparing graduation to understand importance of education lifelong to progress in their vocational life and higher education.

After graduation the student should able to:

Understand the principles of electric power, machines and their applications.

Design and develop different projects in electrical fields.

Understand the computer skills.

Design electric networks and system administration.

Contact Us:

  •          Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns at the following addresses and numbers:

Head of department                                                     

Mohamed Ismael Salih

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07504504390


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