Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


The department established at 2007-2008. The flag color of the department is orange.

Refrigeration Science: A science that examines how to cool materials in multiple ways through cooling devices.

Air conditioning: It is a branch of cooling science where it looks at air conditioning to suit human comfort. It has other applications, and many benefits such as keeping food from damage, keeping human blood in blood refrigerators, as well as adapting the atmosphere of buildings by cooling in the summer or heating in the winter.

 The department contains general mechanical workshop (turning, filing, and welding), Refrigeration workshop, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, thermodynamic and mechanic labs.

The Vision:


Vision focuses on preparing technical staff specialized in every field of cooling and air conditioning able to catch up with the civilizational development. The department also works to interact with the community through the department's contributions to provide services to the ocean.

The vision of the department is the preparing of technical staff specialized in each field of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning fields. The department vision is the interaction with the society by contribution of the department to perform the services to the surrounding.

The Mission

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department is a technical department aimed to graduate technical staff that have an ability to design (primary), construction, operation, installation and maintenance of the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems. The department cooperates in the technology, civilization developments.

Description of the graduated task

The objective of the department is preparing technical staff to perform the following tasks:

1- Contribution in the preparing and reading the mechanical and electrical charts that uses for installation, operation and maintenance.

2- Contribution in the installation and operation of the Refrigeration and A/C systems.

3- Contribution in the heating and cooling load calculations, drawing of the primary and secondary engineering works for Refrigeration and A/C equipment.

4- Daily observation of the Refrigeration and A/C equipment performance and achievement maintenance works.


Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns at the following addresses and numbers:

Head of Department

Abdulraheem Jamil Ahmed

Email: [email protected]//[email protected]

Mobile: (00964) 0750- 8140722


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