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Department of Information Technology was established in 2012 instead of Computer System Department which was established in ZTI in 2002. IT was established in the purpose of assisting in fulfilling Duhok Polytechnic University’s main goals, which are to excel in Technical Education, Service and Student Projects.

We are having hard-working students, a young and dynamic faculty, whose expertise spans the range of disciplines in information technology stream and a very healthy work-culture, are the basic elements that comprise the Department of Information Technology, the hub of the institute s academia. We hold firm belief in our ability to succeed, and we nurture an attitude of self-reliance, confidence, commitment and responsibility to the motherland that we are to serve.

IT Department graduation students they will compete the working market. They are armed with science of different specialist subjects like programming languages, networking, web design, object oriented programming, databases design, internet technology and so on.

Department of IT helps all the faculties and staffs of Zakho Technical Institute who are interested in all matters of technical information.

Department of IT also provides free and fast internet connection to all the departments, wireless internet service in ZTI campus, free internet service in the library, computer labs, etc.


Information Technology Department mission is to present our students with up-to-date curricula and pedagogy in the computer science and information technology disciplines, ensure that they have a solid foundation in the core concepts, equip them with problem solving and decision-making skills, and prepare them for lifelong learning in the discipline.

the Information Technology Department promotes, develops delivers and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources in Zakho Technical Institute .


Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Information Technology Department and to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs.

Department of Information Technology is working to put technology to its highest and best use throughout Kurdistan Government Department/Autonomous Bodies to improve the administration of State programs and services.

 The Educational objectives:

  • The objectives of the department of Information Technology are supporting and encouraging local and regional technology initiatives contributing to educational and technology advances.
  • Graduate the professional cadre in information technology either in academic field or vocational field able to leadership, design or develop of different projects in information technology field.
  • Graduate the professional cadre in information technology and supplier with science to compete different specialist on the scientific area.
  • Prepare and advance graduation to observe ethics of the work and support sociality responsibility and communicate with their peers in the same field or different specialist.
  • Preparing graduation to understand importance of education lifelong to progress in their vocational life and higher education.


Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns at the following addresses and numbers:


Department of Information Technology 
Head of the Department

M. Omar Muhammed Ahmed Mla

Email: [email protected],

Mobile: 00964-751-242-7076


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