Shingal Technical Institute conducted a two-day workshop

2021-03-01 06:18:19

On the 23rd and 25th of February 2021, a workshop has been conducted about Social Anxiety at Shingal Technical Institute presented by Mr Naji Haji Khodida, the Career Development Center (CDC) program coordinator.

The workshop lasted for two days, four hours each day. This workshop aimed to introduce what social phobia is (some might call it social anxiety) and how it influences the labour market and social relationships. At the beginning of the workshop, some strategies were taught on how to deal with this disease; and dispose of it for building successful social relationships and self-motivation. Furthermore, to carry out work and projects without fear and be effective in society and set an example for future generations. It’s important to point out that at the end of each session, there were some activities that students could practice among themselves.

It's worth mentioning that the workshop was held for 64 students of first-year and second-year of the Accounting Department and the Health Management Department.

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