Medical Laboratory Technology

About The Department:

The MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUES (MLT) is one of Amedi Technical Institute department. It is established at 2012-2013. The programs of the department qualify the students to become Medical Laboratory Technicians to assist the laboratory physicians in the field of pathology, hematology, biochemistry, serology, and microbiology.

The responsibilities of a medical laboratory technician included:

  •  Conducting analyses of bodily fluids.
  •  Maintaining medical laboratory equipment.
  •  Analyzing test results.
  •  Collecting samples (fluid or tissue) from patients.

Medical laboratory technicians perform general tests related to blood banking, histopathology, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology. MLT's may perform laboratory testing in many clinical settings such as hospitals, primary health care centers, reference laboratories, clinics, and bioscience industry.

Students who finish their studies in two years will get a diploma (laboratory assistant) and be eligible to work in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of higher education and Ministry of Defense medical department.



To produce medical laboratory technologists and clinical laboratory scientists who are equipped with basic and advanced diagnostic techniques, who after successfully completing their training, would be able to teach effectively in higher institutions, undertake problem-solving research and manage health laboratory, thereby promoting the innovation and utilization of new assays for diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of diseases



Our vision is to be a best medical laboratory technology to graduate highly skilled, competent, and professional lab technologists.


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