Business Administration


Administration management department is opened in 2004. However, it is obvious that the main goal of this department is to provide the students with a good quality and to prepare the best government officials in Kurdistan so as to be able to minister successfully despite the fact that Kurdistan is getting built nowadays, the endeavor and experiments of those students should not be forgotten and neglected but to get benefit of their abilities and skills.


 To achieve the best quality in-depth throughout:

  •  Providing the best teaching service.
  •  To insist on teaching valuation.


The vision of business and management has been built to provide the best teaching management and researching and also the most important exercises for students. And also business management department may consider as the best opportunity in the region which provides a good chance and serves all the factories, government organization, trading, and teaching. 


Business and management section tries to provide the best active and scientific environment to achieve the good quality in-depth throughout accepting and employing several qualified teachers with wide experience in scientific and management field so that it also provides the main information and competence for students and modernize knowledge and experts in using all the new methods of teaching.       

  • To advance the knowledge of student's minds in management science field throughout growing their competence of the developed management.
  • Capacitating scientific members in scientific management (human reference, trading management, finance management, producing and afford management, organization theory)
  • Developing authority organizations through experienced members of management after capacitating all the scientific management fields to administrate the organizations throughout new scientific methods.
  • To advance and develop management through scientific researchers of scientific management fields.     


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