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Brief description of Zakho Technical Institute
History: 2002 was the turning point of science for Zakho city. The establishing of the first
academic scientific center was announced. The opening of Zakho Technical Institute was the
first institution of higher education in Zakho region. In 2002-2003, the institute started
receiving the first batch of students.
View: The purpose of establishing the institute is to prepare an expert and scientific staff in
different fields. Every year according to the needs of market and region, different shares were
opened with expert stuff .in order to fill all citizens with experts and knowledgeable people.
Objective of the institute: the institute has been able to prepare academic and professional
staff in many different fields such as (medical, technical and administrative), this staff should
play a significant and effective role in both the public and private sectors in the management of
regional affairs.
Through partnerships with organizations, companies, and universities, the institute has also
continuously worked to familiarize its students with modern techniques, equipment, and
science. In order to further enhance students' levels, teachers teach science in both theoretical
and practical ways and assess students' knowledge in the classroom and in the field.
The principles, customs and national feeling are also highly appreciated in the annual
activities of the institute.
Scientific departments of the institute:
 Morning departments (Information Technology - Nursing - Petrol - Businesses Administration -
Customs Administration - Conservation Agriculture - Medical Laboratory Technic)
 Evening Departments (Information Technology - Nursing - Petrol Businesses Administration -
Customs Administration - Conservation Planting - Medical Laboratory Technic)
Every year, new departments are established in accordance with the needs of the region.
The staff of the institute consists of:
 Doctorate: (4), Master: (30), Bachelor's Degree (75), Higher Diploma: (3), Diploma: (116) Total
staff of the institute (257) employees.
 Currently, a number of employees and teachers of the institute pursuing their education both
locally and abroad.

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