Management Information System

 The Vision :

Supporting the administrative operations and administrative decisions in the interest of work, reducing the financial value of public expenses, eliminating routine work, benefiting from all experiences and competencies, and providing them with the necessary information.

 The Mission :

  • Understand the social and technical perspectives of management information systems and their impact on organizations.
  • Understanding and explaining the principles of management science and object-oriented programming and its various uses in the development of management information systems and the information systems for the organizations.
  • Knowing the concept of data, information, and knowledge, and their importance and value to support decision-makers in organizations and companies through decision support systems, knowledge management systems, and other specialized systems with their multiple classifications.

The Objectives : 

To prepare accounting parties which are ready scientifically and practically for governmental nongovernmental sectors. 
Objectives and Description of the graduate Task:
  • Graduating students specialized in management information systems, communication technology and its applications, and the use of information and communication technologies in business organizations and public administration.

  • Providing students with the skills and sciences necessary to develop and manage the latest information systems and communication technology.

  • Develop students' skills and information in the field of developing and improving the quality of information systems.

  • Training students on research methods and scientific problem-solving in order to prepare business analysts, data analysts, and system designers to serve the labor market.

  • Preparing students with knowledge and skills that combine management and information; In order for them to be able to use information systems and applications in the management of administrative operations and computer science that help management in making decisions based on a developed information.



The Had of department:

Name: Dilshad Yousif Mohammed
Degree: Master in Management Information Systems
Tel.: 0750 814 4497


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