Career Development Center conducted a virtual workshop

2021-01-03 12:44:34

On Wednesday 30th of December 2020, the Career Development Center and in cooperation with TBM for consultancy and skills development, conducted a virtual workshop on (Practical skills you will need after your graduation).

The workshop was presented by Mr. Ahmed Abdi TBM CEO and skills development specialist jointly with Mr. Bewar Sulaiman, Director of the Career Development Center at the Duhok Polytechnic University. During the event, Mr. Ahmed identified and explained seven (7) critical practical skills for participants, which are (CV writing, Interview techniques, Leadership skills, Presentation skills, Language skills, Relationship building skills and Time management skills). At the end of the workshop, participants’ questions were received and answered through a fruitful discussion.

It worth mentioning that more than more than 90 people participated in the workshop, including students, alumni, teachers and CDC staff. Also, participants will be awarded a certificate of participation by TBM.

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