Information Technology

Information Technology

  •         Mission:

For those who are working in information technology field to be professional in their work.  Hence, they will have the ability of planning, providing, designing the necessary jobs at their offices. Also, to have the responsibilities of choosing the hardware components and combining them with related software programs. Adding to that, they must prepare the required software applications and the necessary maintenance at their offices.

Job-examples of the IT staff: Designing and administrating computer networks, designing Web-sites for the offices, installing the devices related to the electronic-government applications.

  •          Vision:

There are two meaning of the IT: First and the famous one that is used with various computer-jobs in general. The second meaning refers to all university programs that the students prepare them to provide technology-requirements for commercial, government, health, education and all other jobs.

IT programs known as new and up-to-date programs. This is a new field because these programs have been generated and used during nineteenths for providing the necessary requirements for commercial institutions and other institutions. This is because nowadays the computers and their networks became a standard device at all sectors.

  •         Description of the Graduate Task :

Information technologists generally design, operate or maintain technology products. Not limited to employment with technology companies, information technology (IT) specialists may work with any businesses, agencies or organizations that use technology or manage large amounts of information. Regardless of the sector they work in, IT specialists usually provide similar services related to software, hardware, databases, Web resources, networks and enterprise systems.


  •         The name and contact information of the head of department:


Name: Ibrahim Mahmood Ibrahim

Email: [email protected]

 Mobile: 07504704356


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