Energy Engineering

About the Department
The Department of Energy Engineering of the Technical College of Engineering/ Duhok
Polytechnic University was established in 2016, and the first cohort of students was
received in that year. There were several reasons and purposes behind establishing this
department. One of these reasons is to cover the growing demand for engineers
specialized in multiple energy aspects such as fossil-fuel energy and renewable energies
(solar, hydrogen, wind, hydro, and biomass energy), and converting them into electric
energy. Another reason is to equip engineering field with engineers who have an
integrated approach regarding energy importance and use in daily life, and how to save it
and reduce pollution as air pollution leads to serious health issues. The Department is
established in the city of Dohuk since it is considered a suitable place for utilizing energy
sources (particularly the renewable energies).

The Department aims at qualifying engineering staff specialized in designing,
implementing, operating, maintaining and developing firms that use renewable energy
such as (solar, hydro, wind, hydrogen, and biomass energy), and conventional electric
power plants. This is done through acquiring engineering skills that enable energy
engineers to understand energy production, convert it from one form to another, and
store it to conserve environment and dimmish pollution-related diseases.

Since the establishment of Energy Department, it focused on building engineering
capacities in line with population growth and the market's need for engineering and
technical cadres. The Department also aims at graduating and developing engineering
cadres specialized in the field of new and renewable energy, and harnessing engineering
knowledge in the field of energy to enhance scientific and technical capabilities of energy
sector in the country as well as promoting the optimal use of energy and natural energy
resources necessary for sustainable development in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, and
contributing in national and international efforts aimed at developing technologies for the
production, transmission and consumption of clean and environmental-friendly energy.

The Department aspire to developing and implementing academic plans, and conducting
applied research in the field of renewable energy to preserve the environment by

contributing to innovation and intellectual creativity in research and studies. It also works
on disseminating knowledge and experience in society, providing scientific support to
educational and industrial institutions, and striving to localize and develop energy
technologies appropriate to the nature of Iraq and Kurdistan Region, raising energy
efficiency, rationalizing its use, and managing it to serve sustainable development in our


Head of the Department

Dr. Hatim Hassan Ismail

Email:  h[email protected]

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