Energy Engineering


The Energy Engineering Department was established in 2016 as one of the infrastructural of the Technical Engineering College at Dohuk Polytechnic University DPU. and is one of the three departments in the Technical engineering college as mentioned before.


The Department offers a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering, which is focused on engineering science in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, materials, power system and conversion. According to our study plan, the student will get a broad and intensive knowledge in renewable energy technologies, mainly in Photo-voltaic (PV/CPV), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Wind Energy. The program plans to includes a number of elective courses that permit the student to undertake further studies in the field of other sustainable technologies such as Biomass Energy and Hydropower.


To be able to look at the limitless sky above our heads, we need to trust the solid ground beneath our feet. The goal is to create a robust energy engineering firm today, to ensure the takeoff that we need for the limitless sky of tomorrow. Our vision is to pave the road to sustainability and affordability in renewable energy systems.


To train students who will plan, project, apply and develop national strategies for the production, delivery and economic use of all kinds of sufficient, qualified, sustainable, low-cost and environmentally friendly energy.



Head of the Department

Ibrahim Abdulqadir

Email:[email protected]

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