Enhance your Career with Online Internships through virtual internship

2020-07-24 01:55:16

Gain valuable career skills and experience through short term, company-backed virtual internships provided for free through InsideSherpa.

What is a virtual internship?

A simulation of the work graduates do at leading companies.

Any student, regardless of degree, faculty, prior experience, location or year group, can experience working company projects, enabling you to gain valuable career building experience and skills, and apply your UNSW academic learning to real life projects provided by some of the world’s top firms.


How does it work?

Get briefed online – do work that mirrors real life.
  • A virtual internship contains modules of tasks from the different divisions of the company you choose.
  • View video instructions from actual employees.
  • Access curated resources to help you in the task.
  • Submit work that reflects actual day to day tasks.
How long does it take?
It takes 5 - 6 hours to complete one program. 
Why do it?
Virtual internships are a terrific first step, allowing you to build your confidence and experience with online flexibility.Not only will you build up the practical skill set employers are looking for, but upon completion you can put your experience on your resume and LinkedIn profile.We encourage you to make an appointment with a UNSW career development facilitator after your experience to help you describe your experience effectively. Do it in your own time, at your pace, wherever your laptop takes you.
Is there a cost?
No, this is provided to students for free. Application Process
Please read through the InsideSherpa FAQs and then register your account through the UNSW SACS Inside Sherpa Registration Page
Get support during your Internship
Once you have registered your account, the InsideSherpa team is available to answer any of your questions. 
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