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Horticulture Department is one of the first departments together with Department of Information Technology which Akre technical college started with. Its established  to meet the needs for highly skilled Horticulture professionals in the Akre area and in the region. 


The vision of the department is to become a developed center of in the field of horticulture. This department seeks to insure the human food, and try to apply the  developed methods from academic perspective and technical perspective, and constructing new methods in order  to increase the production & improve the quality by using different techniques of  Tissue culture, Horticulture Plant Breeding to support the local markets.


    As a result of progress and urban development taking place in the country and which it must be accompanied by an increase in the cultivated fruits, vegetables, trees and the creation of parks and green spaces and the creation of nurseries to provide seedlings of trees necessary and important plants and modern species it and according to the specifications required spaces, and reduction of post-harvest losses through modern Post-harvest technologies.

Description of the Graduate Task :

1. Student recognizes the types of fruit trees and modern methods of propagation and production of fruit seedlings.

2. Student learns how to grow vegetables types of winter and summer, and according to schedule and follow the methods and modern methods of cultivation and production.

3. Student learns how to set up parks and design  and supervising them and sustain them.

4. Students learn how to create nurseries and greenhouses and glass, and managed scientifically incorrect.

5. Student learns the types of ornamental plants task and the methods used in its production   and propagate them.

6. Students learn how to raise fruit trees and how to conduct pruning operations in a timely manner and according to its purpose.

  •         The name and contact information of the head of department:

Dr. Jihad I. Salim

+964 750 456 4375     

 [email protected]

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