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-       About:

    Technical College of Akre referred to foundation of technical education which was established in 2014, in order to satisfy the need for unavailable important specialization in the other kurdistan universities.

The objective of this college is to prepare advance technical aspect in the level of technical B.S.c qualifies scientific and technically to deal with modern technology, in addition to that, the development of MSc degree in order to following the scientific progress:


Scientific departments

  1.      Horticulture Technical Dept.
  2.      Accounting Dept.
  3.      Business Administration Dept.


    Qualifications for under graduate

  1.      Secondary school - scientific/Literary branch
  2.      5\\\\% outstanding students of the institutes


    Degree offered ( under graduate)

-        BSc technology


-       Dean picture and information

Assistant Professor
Dr. Dildar F.Zebari




-       General description:

    Technical colleges provide a career-focused education. This means that when you graduate from the college you should have the skills and experience needed to succeed in your field. In order to prepare you for a career, technical colleges often have labs for class rooms. These are designed to provide a learning environment very similar to a workplace setting. In the end a technical college has one goal for its students and that is to help them start their career. It is education with a purpose. Most tech schools provide hands on learning and have instructors who are highly skilled, experienced and connected in the fields they teach. Technical colleges also provide career service advisors to assist students in searching for a job after graduation.

-       Mission:

-         Akre Technical College provides exceptional education, research, and extension programs in Horticultures and Information Technology Services for developing education, communities, improving economic well-being and development of Kurdistan Region.


-       Vision:

The  Akre technical College supports polytechnic  University mission to provide education, research and service to leads:

-         Mould the students into innovative and high quality IT professionals to meet the global challenges.

-         To impart value-based IT education to the students and enrich their knowledge.

-         To achieve effective interaction between industry and institution for mutual benefits.

  •         Student recognizes the horticultures science and technology

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