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Introduction :

The Administrative - Technical Institution was attached to the technical institute in dohuk city which was founded in 1988.In 2010 the administrative technical institute was independent and subsequent to Erbil Technical Teaching Association and then it was subordinated to Duhok technical university in 2011.This institution is regarded as one of scientific edifices that took the responsibility of preparing and graduating the middle cadres. The Study lasts Two years and the teaching percentage reaches almost 60\% in addition o the summer training in the public and private sectors. This sort of training is one of the requirements of study before granting students the degree of diploma from different scientific department which enables the graduates to find jobs in different private and public institutions. The institution receives students from preparatory schools: scientific, literary and vocational. The first -rated student are allowed to continue their study in different colleges that are found in the region and other subsequent to Duhok technical universities. The institute contains many scientific departments with specialized fields and laboratory to train student who amounted more then 2300 students in 2012. The institute contains also some administrative and scientific units as well as an internet center, electronic and normal libraries in addition to the staff with higher degrees of MA and PHDs are conducting lectures and performing some researching tasks that they are assigned to do within their annual scientific plans conducted in each field of specialization.

The Vision :

To provide a creative technical teaching combines modernity and continual adaptation to the requirements of the labor market in the region Kurdistan, region.

The Mission :

Providing a technical teaching of high Quality, and have well- qualified graduates in quality and quantity that server the society in the administrative and technical specialties.

The Objectives :

  • Preparing qualified cadres that are able to deal with modern technologies to be compatible with the environment of society services.
  • Using Modern curriculums to raise the levels of the graduates scientifically, which in turn, reflects on the labor market performance in the region
  • The Development of cadres' capabilities to improve their scientific efficiency to meet the requirements of the scientific progress achieved.
  • The participation in establishing the unique values and traditions of the society and preserving the cultural and intellectual heritage.
  • The development of relationships, cultural and scientific experiences with other universities and organizations locally and internationally that serves the scientific progress.
  • Achieving a scientific progress that helps to solve the technical, industrial and managerial problems which different sectors of society face.

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