Free Education Countries to Study Abroad For Free 2020-2021

Study Abroad For Free is a dream for everyone. Here you can see List of Free Education Countries to Study Abroad For Free. Everyone looking for Free Education Countries without Expenses. Studying and Living in a Foreign Country is Everyone’s Dream.

There are 195 Countries in the World & everyone is looking to Study Abroad in Australia, the USA, Canada & UK. Believe me, you can find a better option then these countries. Why you don’t think that there are 44 other European Countries that offer Free Education in Europe. There are some countries that provide Tuition Fee Free Universities.

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free? There are many countries worldwide where students are able to study abroad for free or for a very affordable amount. You just need to know where to look. You are more closer to your dream now of Study Abroad For Free. Just have a look below & keep enjoying reading Countries Offering Free Education to International Students.

List of Free Education Countries to Study Abroad

Below are the Countries & Universities which are famous for their Free Education to all International Students. If you are interested in Study Abroad without IELTS requirements then checklist Study Abroad Without IELTS or TOEFL in Foreign Countries

  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Spain
  • France

Types of Scholarships to Study Abroad

Full Scholarship

This Includes your all expenses covered by the University Like Travel Expenses, Accommodation, Stipend, Allowance, etc.

Tuition-Free Scholarship

This means that Only the Tuition-Free Expenses will be covered. But remember, this is also the good option if the University is covering your tuition Fee Expenses. You can cover your own expenses if you a get a Part-time Job

Study in Germany For Free

When it comes to Germany & when it comes to Free Education Abroad. Germany is the 1st Country that offers Free Education to all international students. Germany is called Tuition-Free Country & all the Universities in Germany are Tuition Free Countries.

It means you do not have to Pay for your tuition Fee. Germany is good for Part-time Jobs. You know all the International Students cover their other expenses by doing Part-time Job.

The public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee at all, however, nominal university administration fee of €150-250 (that’s $160 to $200) which not too much at all.

So, Current Germany Scholarships are open by Germany Government, you can apply for DAAD Scholarship 2020-2021 in Germany & Einstein Fellowship Germany 2020 by Einstein Forum (Fully Funded) & One Young World Summit 2020 in Germany (Fully Funded) 1800+ Participants


Study in Norway For Free

If You are Interested in Study in Norway then you do not need to worry. The Norway Government has passed the rule that do not charge any fee from international students. They can Study in Norway For Free.

Graduate, Post-graduate and Doctorate Level programs in Norway are absolutely free of cost. Keep in Mind, that they do ask for Proof of Proficiency in the language.

So in case you plan to apply, better start learning right away For Free.

Here are some of the Free Universities of Norway are given below:

  • Aalesund University College
  • Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
  • Buskerud University College
  • Bergen University College
  • BI Norwegian Business School
  • Finnmark University College
  • Gjøvik University College
  • Harstad University College
  • Hedmark University College
  • Lillehammer University College
  • MF Norwegian School of Theology
  • Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics
  • Bergen Academy of Art & Design, Norway
  • Narvik University College
  • Nesna University College
  • NLA University College
  • Nord-Trøndelag University College
  • Norwegian Academy of Music

Study in Sweden For Free

When it comes to Sweden. Forget everything. The Universities of Sweden Do Not charge Application Fee & Tuition Fee from International Students outside the European Union for graduate and postgraduate programmes.

PhDs are Usually Free, and you even get paid. Another perk is that all students have the option to work when studying in Sweden. Sweden also announces its Annually Sweden Government Scholarship which Totally Free for BS, MS, PhD, You can read the information about Sweden Government Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded)


In Belgium Education is not Totally free of Cost but however there are low Cost Tuition Fee universities for International students.

Tuition fees in Belgium range from 400-2000USD per year. However International Law allows student to work for 20 hours in a week to meet their needs. So students can cover these expenses.

Belgium Government also gives Belgium Government Scholarship Each Year, you can the information at Belgium Government Scholarship 2020-2021 (Fully Funded).


Study in Finland For Free

Previously, Finland was not supposed to charge any tuition fee for any level of education or any nationality. But later 2017, and it will start charging tuition fee from Non EU/EEA students for English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

But, Still Finland Government also gives Scholarships by Finland Government Annually you can check about Finland Government Scholarship 2020 – Study in Finland

Study in Spain For Fee

Like other European countries, Spain too offers free university education to EU citizens only. But it too offers low cost education to students outside EU, and offers reasonable cost of living. But think about all the Spanish food you can gorge on there!

Study in France For Free

Higher Education in France is mostly free, except at some public universities. But then again, even that fee is pretty minimal.

France also announces France Government Scholarships & other Scholarship Each Year. You can check France Scholarships SEARCH FRANCE PROGRAMS HERE

Keep in Mind after Reading all the above Information there are Few Important things that you should Save it with your self. These things will be helpful in getting Scholarship Abroad.





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