DPU-Coursera for Campus Program Latest Statistic

As the professional development for academic staff and skills and knowledge for students in e-learning is currently a priority here in Duhok Polytechnic University due to the pandemic of COVID-19. DPU has been encouraged its staff and students to enrol online courses as a partner with Coursera in tag along with continue their study using Moodle Platform. 

The latest statistic of the currently launched program entitled ' DPU-Coursera for Campus ' shows a promising increase among the registered and enrolled staff and students. However, we are encouraging all staff, and students to encourage their colleague to register in this program.   

The requested data are including: (Name, Email, Tel. No., Affiliation, and the Specialization, or Subject of the proposed course).


Students can show their interest by adding their information (Click Here)


Staff can show their interest by adding their information ( Click Here)


For more details please contact with the organization admin:

Dr. Ammar Isam 

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07504133995



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