Data Collection for the Coursera Online Courses and Projects

2020-04-01 08:57:55

Recently, Duhok Polytechnic University has been an official partner with Coursera for Campus (For more details about the program klick here). Due to the effectiveness of the COVID-19, Coursera is glad to support our university community with this response initiative.  The admission of DPU&Coursera program is excited to let you know that Coursera for Campus program is now ready to accept our participants. Form our side, and in order to manage the registration process for our students and staff dynamically, and guide them to get the most of these courses and projects, we will start to collect data of prospective candidates, where these data will be used in the next step (Invitation Process).

The requested data are including: Name, Email, Tel. No., affiliation, and the specialization (or Subject of the proposed course).


Students can show their interest by adding their information ( Click HERE)

Staff can show their interest by adding their information  (Click HERE)


For more details please contact with the program admin:

Dr. Ammar Isam 

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07504133995

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