DPU has been received an organizational administrator access to Coursera

2020-03-28 09:31:14

As one of our main mission in Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) is to transform lives through learning, and we want to help our students and staff on colaboration with Coursera by offering courses online to minimize the impact of the coronavirus on their education. 

We are proudly announce that Duhok Polytechnic University now is an official partner with Coursera wich is glad to be able to support our university community with this response initiative. We’re excited to let you know that through the Coursera for Campus program is ready and DPU staff and students can access new program(s).

The access process management will be controlled by DPU member to facilitate the registration process. 

Please keep in touch for more details and avilable courses and projects on Coursera for Campus program.


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