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         The Technical College of Engineering, TCE is a new annex in Duhok Polytechnic University; its inception was in 2013. The college started partaking in the university academic activities in 2013-2014 by accepting the first student batch in its two departments (Highway and Bridges Engineering; HBE, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering; RACE) with just over 80 students jointly. The college has been taken care of rigorously by the University administration in terms of staff, dwelling, furniture, laboratories as well as necessary teaching aids such as; smart boards and data show projectors etc.…

The college structure is continually getting improved and shaped. In 2015-2016 a new department has been established, The Petrochemical Engineering and a year later followed bey the inception of Energy Engineering which to replace the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering. Two years ago, the college opened its doors for postgraduate studies in its corresponding academic fields.


          The demand for qualified engineers with hands-on practical experience is  increasing in Kurdistan region, due to the creeping up standard of living and sustainable development in almost all aspects of live. The engineers that are (and will be) graduated in the college are competent in their fields and can share the society’s dream in building a modern prosperous Kurdistan. Building up a core for research and development is another aspect that the college is keeping in mind to help with technology transfer and localise engineering jobs.


          Our mission is to provide high standard of engineering education to all our students. Provide research facilities and educational programs to enhance the application of knowledge to benefit and dynamically interact with the society.


         Our goals are to provide state of the art engineering education to our students. Society education is implicit through lifelong learning via short- and refreshing- courses for the public.

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