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Shekhan Technical Institute was established in 8-8-2007.It is associated with the Dohuk Polytechnic University, which in turn associates with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Institute is situated in Shekhan (55 KMs south of Dohuk).  Students are admitted to the institute after finishing their secondary schools (vocational, literary and scientific). The period of the study in the institute is two academic years, out of which (50-60\\\\\\\\\\\\\\%) is practical. Besides, students have to fulfill a summer training course in different offices. Graduates are awarded the Technical Diploma. Top graduates are allowed to pursue their studies at regional colleges and universities.

Shekhan Technical Institute includes three scientific departments      (Accounting Department, Information Technology Department and Business Administration Department) all equipped with specialized laboratories to train students whose number reaches about (500).

The institute includes also scientific administrative and educational units, dormitory for the students, sport stadium, and library containing (2500) titles in specializations.


The supporting units in the institute are:

The Scientific Unit, Administration Unit, The unit of students housing, The Library, Students Affaires Unit, Physical Education Unit, Media Unit, Law Unit, Engineering Unit, Computer Centre Unit , Laboratories Unit, Insurance Quality Unit and the Store.



 To contribute to the establishment of a scientific stated in the technical disciplines of the institute of technological and medical, agricultural and administrative level of higher education across the country.

 Creating and preparing and supplying the fields of employment and knowledge staff with the highest degree of technical knowledge and theoretical knowledge and scientific service to both the public and private sectors. 



Ethics embodiment of technical education through the provision of high-quality technical education seeks to develop knowledge and human skills fit in with changes in the environment and society.



  • Preparation of technical and scientific staffs to keep pace with developments in various scientific disciplines.
  • Delegation of government and private sector needs technical staffs of the argument.
  • To contribute to the completion of vertical construction for technical education through enrollment of the first graduates of  technical colleges like their studies.

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